Ex-Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz talks about the state of his marriage Carl Lentz, Laura Lentz: Just Jared

pastor Carl Lentz shared an update on social media about where his marriage is superior to FX’s The Hillsong Secrets Documentary series premiering May 19.

Carl was released from Hillsong Church in November 2020 after admitting to being unfaithful in his marriage.

“For the last three years I have been totally focused on fighting for my wife and children, my family has been my only priority.” Carl said on Instagram. “To achieve this, the pursuit of sobriety and healing had to go hand in hand with those goals. Honestly, nothing else mattered. None of the noise, the lies, none of the half-truths said about me or us mattered.”

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He added that they’re doing much better when they “celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on May 5,” but “were able to do that in the purest way.”

Carl had been the pastor of several celebrities including justin And Hailey Bieber.

“Part of healing from that heartache led us to the decision to be a part of a documentary that we don’t control, have no say in, and haven’t even seen. We’ll see when the world sees.” Carl wrote.

In addition to his admission of infidelity, Carl was accused of sexually abusing his nanny in May 2021. pastor Leona Kimes, who was a staff member at his church, wrote: “Although he never had sexual intercourse with me and never kissed me, I was physically hurt by his unwanted and repeated sexual touching of my private parts. I’m freezing. I froze every time.”

FX’s The Hillsong Secrets Premieres May 19 and streams on Hulu.

in 2021, Carl‘s wife laura took to Instagram on the day of their 18th wedding anniversary to address the cheating scandal.

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