Exciting online film tips for after work – Stuttgart Journal

Exciting online film tips for after work – Stuttgart Journal

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There are more and more streaming services and more and more movies on the market

We examined the streaming services for exciting movies that are really worth watching. Depending on that, you have to invest a few euros to rent the film.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart. – Psychological thriller “Gone in the Night” on Amazon Prime – to borrow for 4.99 euros – with Winona Ryder. Coming out fresh (2022), the film convinces with suspense and great nature shots in thriller style. A young couple books a stay at a remote cabin in the woods to rekindle their relationship. There they meet another couple. Winona’s friend disappears in the night (hence the title) with the other girl. She looks for him and finds out the blatant truth about the incident because there is a history! Unfortunately, the trailer is only available in English: GONE IN THE NIGHT Official Trailer (2022) – YouTube

Comedy series “The Discounters”: There are already 2 seasons. On Amazon Prime (free for customers). It takes place in Hamburg. It’s about the employees of a cheap supermarket. Celebrities keep appearing: Fahri Yardim (Jerks), Peter Fox (singer – “A House by the Lake”), Mats Hummels and many more. Really laughable! There is a gay security chief, a rapping cashier and many adventures to be endured, for example when the health department checks on everything and you have to make rats, rotten fruit and an employee who lives there disappear into the attic! The Discounters Season 2 – Official Trailer I Prime Video EN – YouTube

Jerks Season 5- In the meantime, the last season of the successful series has only come out on Joyn. Christian Ulmen, who is also a director, and Fahri Yardim (Tatort Hamburg with Till Schweiger) go all out again on their everyday adventures in Potsdam (near Berlin). The beginning of the friendship is also shown when they both experience their first sexual adventures with a prostitute at the age of 15. Really super funny! jerks Season 5 – a Joyn Original – YouTube

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