Faeser on EU asylum reform: “We can no longer solve big issues on our own”

Status: 08.06.2023 11:38 p.m

Germany had to step back to reach an agreement in the EU asylum dispute. Nevertheless, the compromise was important in order to continue to be a Europe of open borders, said Interior Minister Faeser daily topics-Interview.

After the European Union agreed on an asylum reform, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser expressed her satisfaction. “First of all, I’m very happy that this historic decision was made today,” she said daily topics-Interview.

It is important and right that asylum migration is now dealt with jointly instead of nationally. “Today we were able to ensure that we can continue to be a Europe of open borders,” said Faeser. Otherwise it would not have been possible to keep it up because everyone would have simply isolated themselves. “We can no longer solve these big questions alone as nation states. That can only be done at European level.”

federal government had to waive the claim

Germany has ensured that unaccompanied minors do not have to go through the external border procedures. In order to reach an agreement, however, the federal government had to forego another of its demands. Specifically, the federal government had insisted that families with children do not get into the external border procedures. The fact that this could not be enforced “of course hurts a bit,” said the interior minister. “But that affects a very small proportion of people.”

Because only those who had little chance of asylum would be included in the procedure. “Everyone else gets through, which means it doesn’t affect any Syrian or Afghan family. They come to us directly, as usual.” The minister also said: “When negotiating, you give and get something. I think that Germany negotiated very successfully.”

After years of negotiations, the EU states today agreed on a reform of the asylum system. A lot of criticism came from Germany for the plans, for example from migration researchers, the Greens and some celebrities.

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