Fahad Hussayn, Hadiqa Kiani team up for an emotional fashion campaign

KARACHI: Beyond just his brilliant fashion designing, if there is one thing Fahad Hussayn is known for, it is his elaborate fashion films. Whether it’s teaming up with singers Hassan and Roshaan or featuring actors and models such as Kubra Khan and Sabika Inam, he always manages to leave an impression. The designer is back with a thought provoking fashion campaign and once again, he did not disappoint. This time, Fahad Hussayn has teamed up with Hadiqa Kiani for the Hazaron Khuwahishain campaign and the duo has managed to pull at our heartstrings!

Giving a brief background to the thought that went behind the campaign the designer explained, “Hadiqa and I go back almost a decade, she is one of the most talented, composed and genuine artists I have ever come across. Some years ago Hadiqa and I met at an event, she told me she was focusing on her light classical and sufi music skills while working on extending her vocal range & I was so inspired by her constant need for learning and exploring more aspects to her art, sometime last year, while her acting career kicked off on a soaring scale she reached out to me for a look for some morning show, we met for the first time after the pandemic, in between talking about how torn she was about her mother’s health, she shared a piece of music sung by her that was written by her mother.”

The said song features in the campaign and one cannot help but feel emotional while both, listening to it and watching what unfolds on screen. Dedicating Hazaron Khuwahishain to, “all the mothers out there with their unconditional love,” Fahad Hussayn and Hadiqa Kiani lay out the bittersweet moment of a mother parting with her daughter on her wedding day. It tells the story of a woman who raises her daughter with so much love, adorns her with beautiful jewels and dresses her up in the most intricate clothes and sends her away, away from herself. Raw emotions in both Kiani’s voice and on her face and beautiful clothes that make Fahad Hussayn a master in his art, make the video all that fascinating.

Fahad Hussayn has a talent for showcasing art in the most artistic ways possible that leave a lasting impression on those lucky to view it!

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