Fake doctor arrested during consultation at clinic in São Paulo

A 37-year-old woman was arrested red-handed in a clinic in the West Zone of the city of São Paulo

May 31
– 3:17 pm

(updated at 3:19 pm)

Police cars in the city of Sao Paulo

Police cars in the city of Sao Paulo

Photo: William Moreira/Futura Press

A fake doctor was arrested this Tuesday, 30, in the region of Perdizes, in the West Zone of São Paulo. The 37-year-old woman used the registration with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) of a real doctor, since both have the same first and last name. According to Bom dia SP, from TV Globo, the fake doctor confessed to the crime and said she was a pharmacist.

She was arrested red-handed for illegal practice of medicine and ideological falsehood. Police did not say how long she acted as a fake doctor, or whether any of her patients were harmed.

“She took advantage of this characteristic, of being homonymous, and started using this stamp. She changed it, put her name, but with the victim’s number”, said delegate Felipe Nakamura to the program.

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