Fans say Nick Cannon’s love for Mariah stems from mom issues

Is Nick Cannon a mama’s boy? The entertainer’s fandom is dying to know the truth about his first love’s connection to his mother, Beth Gardner.

Despite having 12 children with six different women, the multiple-hyphenated star has only tied the knot to one person: Mariah Carey. The music icon and the rapper-turned-actor had two children before their marriage dissolved.

The TV personality’s relationship with the record producer recently caused a stir after people noticed the resemblance between the San Diego native’s mother and the Songbird Supreme. Read on for more details.

Fans believe Nick Cannon’s love for Mariah Carey stems from her resemblance to his mother

go to Instagram, The “Drumline” star revealed that his mother has completed another trip around the sun. The 42-year-old celebrated the occasion with a reel set of Stevie Wonder’s iconic “Happy Birthday” song.

While the background music played, a celebratory purple sticker flashed across the bottom half of the screen. Above it was the cute statement: “Happy Birthday to the best mom in the world!” written in red.

The tribute was penned beneath an adorable family picture, in which the celebrant posed between her grandchildren – fraternal twins Moroccan and Monroe. The Underclassman executive producer held an opened box of tasty-looking treats at his daughter’s side.

“Roc & Roe and I had to drive over to my mum’s house and spend the day with her and celebrate her birthday!! So much love and fun!!” The 42-year-old captioned the moment. Despite his message explaining who the woman in the snap was, fans were shocked by Gardner’s facial features.

The San Diego native’s mother could easily be confused with Carey, as the couple shared an uncanny mother-daughter resemblance. This discovery prompted hundreds to the comments section, wondering why they had never noticed the resemblance during the former spouses’ marriage.

Many debated whether Cannon was a mama’s boy or whether his standards of beauty depended on his mother. “Mom looks like an older Mariah,” one person explained, while another asked, “You see that too, don’t you?”

“It ALL makes sense now…” exclaimed someone, helped by a fellow theorist who provided a better explanation with the comment: “That’s why he’s so in love with Mariah — she looks just like his mom!” It does now all sense. Well not all of them because there is still the problem with all these kids lol.”

More speculators shared their thoughts with one social media user, writing, “He can’t let Mariah go.” She looks like his friggin’ mama.” Another backed the idea, insisting Cannon married his mother’s look-alike . “Well, we know why he married Mariah. lol! Mom looks just like her!”

“I understand why Mariah was your biggest love… she looks just like your mother,” pointed out another fan. “Anyone else need to zoom in? I thought it was Mariah. Happy birthday to your mom,” one person said.

The majority seemed convinced the Wild ‘N Out host had proposed to the pop icon because of her resemblance to Gardner. One fan described the 42-year-old as a “mama’s boy” and sang the same tune as the entertainer tried to find a woman like his mother.

The pranksters also made their presence known in the comments with quips like, “Respectfully, how does your ex-wife look more like your mother than you?” While another shouted: “Bye. I thought it was Mariah.”

The Nickelodeon alum admitted he would never experience love like his first marriage

The Teen Choice Award nominee’s fans might be right about his love for Carey. Cannon previously confessed that his ex-wife would always have a special place in his heart since he could never imitate their fairytale romance.

The admission came during his appearance on The Hot Tee Talk podcast in 2022, where he described the former couple’s relationship as iconic. “It’s my fantasy, dear. This is someone I will always love. I guess I’m a big believer in love,” the San Diego native explained.

Despite the remnants of feelings in his heart, the entertainer emphasized that he prefers his relationship with the singer to remain a treasured memory. “It was like a fairy tale with Mariah, so I’d rather it be like that,” the TV personality explained.

“I cherish that fantasy because if I tried to go back and it wasn’t the same, I’d say damn I screwed up,” Cannon continued, adding that he’s not entirely against a reconciliation with Carey. “But if I had the opportunity, if it could be what it was, I would be there,” claimed the NAACP Image Award winner.

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