‘Farm dust’ pill against asthma and allergies, Japan’s victory in ‘traffic war,’ Germany’s ‘edible city’

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, scientists are working on a pill to protect children from allergies, Japan records its lowest figure of traffic deaths yet, and a German town offers produce for free.

‘Farm dust’ pill against asthma and allergies in the works

“There’s a lot of promising work and we’re slowly getting there.” Scientists hope to deliver the allergy treatment made from farm dust and raw milk within five years.

Source: The Guardian

How Japan achieved its lowest ever number of road fatalities

Residents in the land of the rising sun now enjoy safer roads, after decades of attempts to curb the growing number of yearly traffic deaths. Here’s what other nations can learn from Japan’s success.

Source: Bloomberg

Germany’s ‘edible city’ lets public harvest vegetables, fruits for free

Welcome to Andernach, where signs often read “Picking is encouraged,” instead of “Keep off the grass.”

Source: Deutsche Welle

Smartphone apps help small-scale farmers sell produce at fair prices

In Ghana, smallholder farms face the risk of livelihood loss due to unjust prices set on agricultural goods. To help farmers get back on their feet, mobile apps came into play.

Source: Deutsche Welle

NSW becomes first state to treat carbon dioxide as pollutant to ensure industries cut emissions

The Environment Protection Authority’s climate policy plans to reclassify greenhouse gas and offer incentives to transition from fossil fuels.

Source: The Guardian

New underwater drone to aid in sea mine clearance

This mobile underwater drone will provide critical detection capabilities to mine-defusing teams working to secure seafarers and beachgoers.

Source: Euronews

‘A new way of life’: the Marxist, post-capitalist, green manifesto captivating Japan

Kohei Saito’s book Capital in the Anthropocene has become an unlikely hit among young people and is about to be translated into English.

Source: The Guardian

How Central Americans paved the way for U.S. labour movement expansion

Decades ago, Guatemalan and Salvadoran immigrants stood ground for workers’ rights. Here’s a lookback at the labour movement that changed the course of the lives of many.

Source: The Conversation

Diabetic children in Uganda get treatment thanks to ‘warrior coordinators’

A pioneering scheme runs clinics and uses a motorcycle taxi network to get insulin and supplies to those in remote areas.

Source: The Guardian

Hundreds of prisoners help restore threatened plant species

Hundreds of prisoners across eight states roll up their sleeves for a project that allows them to help the environment and prepare for their re-entry into society.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

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