Farmer speaks out in favor of “gene scissors”.

The picture shows farmer Ludger Winkelkotte standing in the corn field.
Ludger Winkelkotte sees the Cas9 method as an opportunity to adapt agriculture to ecological and economic challenges. © Benjamin Kübart (archive)

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The most important news of the day from Haltern at a glance:

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The weather in Holders

It will be cloudy on Tuesday morning. At temperatures of 13°C, the sun only appears sporadically in Haltern. In the afternoon there are maximum temperatures of 25°C. At night it is cloudy.

Flashing here

The circle has the following for Tuesday (July 18). speed camera locations reported in holders.

  • Sythener Strasse
  • Marl Street

Unannounced speed measurements are also possible at any time.

Current traffic situation:

The interactive map shows how heavily the roads in Haltern are currently polluted. If you zoom in further, you can also see smaller streets. You can also query cycle paths and local public transport here.

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