Federal Minister of Economics Habeck sees nuclear phase-out as irreversible – politics

A few days before the last German nuclear power plants were to be shut down, Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck made it clear that he considered the nuclear phase-out to be final. According to the preliminary report, the Green politician told the newspapers of the Funk media groupthat the last three nuclear power plants that will be taken offline on April 15 “will go into dismantling sooner or later”.

According to Habeck, the construction of a new nuclear power plant has always turned out to be an economic fiasco – whether in France, Great Britain or Finland. “There is also no interest on the part of German operators in building new nuclear power plants. Our energy system will be structured differently: we will have 80 percent renewable energies by 2030.”

Actually, the last three German nuclear power plants should have gone offline at the end of last year. However, due to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the resulting energy crisis, the traffic light coalition decided to let the three reactors continue to run over the winter. Next Saturday, however, they are to be finally shut down.

When asked whether he could guarantee the security of the energy supply even after the nuclear phase-out, Habeck said yes. “The security of energy supply in Germany was guaranteed in this difficult winter and will continue to be guaranteed,” he said. “We have the situation under control thanks to the high filling levels in the gas storage facilities and the new liquid gas terminals on the north German coasts and last but not least due to more renewable energies.”

The Vice Chancellor thanked the citizens for their commitment. “I know of many people who have really practiced renunciation.” This effort helped to fill up the gas storage tanks during the critical phase. “We managed to fend off a severe economic crisis,” said Habeck.

Nevertheless, he called for people not to slack off when it comes to saving energy. “We will have a better gas supply situation next winter. Nevertheless, energy is expensive and high consumption is harmful to the climate,” he said. So it still makes sense to use energy carefully. “We also saw that certain things were very simple and still had a good effect. Saving energy does not have to mean a loss of quality of life.”

The Federal Government’s Energy Saving Ordinance, which stipulates a maximum room temperature of 19 degrees in public workplaces, expires on April 15th.

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