Federal police call the cause of the fire on the regional express

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Regional express 6 at Castrop-Rauxel main station.
300 travelers had to leave the Regionalexpress 6 at Castrop-Rauxel main station on Wednesday after a smoldering fire. The federal police blocked the track. © Julia Segantini

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A smoldering fire was the cause of the major fire brigade operation on Wednesday afternoon (April 12) at Castrop-Rauxel main station. The federal police announced this in a press release on Thursday (April 13).

At around 3 p.m., the RE 6 train driver noticed heavy smoke coming from his train as it entered the main station. The Regina Express was heading towards Dortmund.

The driver should have immediately asked all passengers to leave the regional express, according to the report. The train was occupied by 300 passengers.

Dry leaves on the bogie

A little later, alerted rescue workers from the Castrop fire brigade reached the main station, where the affected train was standing on the platform to track 1. The federal police immediately closed the tracks.

According to initial findings, dried leaves had gotten caught on a bogie, which caught fire due to sparks from the braking system. After a check by a technician, the train was ordered to be taken to a workshop.

The circumstances led to impairments in rail traffic. Subsequent trains stopped at the neighboring platform. At 3:50 p.m., the federal police lifted the blocking of the affected tracks. Travelers could use the following connections to continue their journey.

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