Fernando Diniz makes a prejudiced comment about football in Bolivia – 05/26/2023

For Fernando Diniz fans, he is much more than a great coach. He is also a humanist, a psychologist, someone very different in understanding what football is.

For the last few days, he’s been cheating on all this praise. Did you draw with Flamengo? Complained about the referee? Lost to Botafogo? Complained about the referee. And now it was much worse in Bolivia.

Lost to Strongest and said it’s criminal to play in La Paz. Which is another sport.

Diniz’s words are criminal, that’s for sure. They attack the universality of football, the only sport played indistinctly all over the world, in the African heat, in Alaska, in the Vatican and in La Paz, Oruro, and other high cities.

Does altitude favor Bolivian teams? Yes No doubt. Does it harm opponents? Yes No doubt.

What is the solution?

It is up to opponents to seek, discover. Travel a week before. Travel at game time. Oh, there’s no time. There are many games. So it’s the calendar’s fault. Never from Bolivians.

You play where you live.

That simple.

Strongest, Bolívar, Always Ready and other clubs from high altitude cities are representatives of popular passion. They have thousands of fans, people who, like anywhere else in the world, do everything to see their team play.

To say that it is a crime to play there is to deprive these fans of being able to see the reason for their love on the pitch.

Do you know what would help to face the altitude? Not taking a goal from a corner kick four minutes into the game. Then, there was no need to chase and a slower pace would be possible.

Fluminense’s next game will be against Corinthians in Itaquera. Diniz’s team is favorite. If you lose, will you have an excuse?

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