Fighting fire with fire, turning office spaces into urban farms, Australia approves psychedelics as medicines

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Indigenous women fight fire with fire, Abandoned office buildings are being reused as urban farms and Australia legalizes psychedelics for medicinal use.

Indigenous women train how to use fire to fight fire

In California, on Karuk lands, indigenous women are relearning traditional fire-fighting skills, including the process of ‘back burning,’ which limits wildfires by denying it fuel.

Source: Azcentral

Australia is the first country in the world to approve psychedelics for medicinal use

Starting in July, psychiatrists in Australia will be able to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin to patients suffering from mental health issues. The government is still working out how to create a legal supply of the chemicals.

Source: WAtoday

Study finds link between EVs and reduced air pollution and improved health

A team of researchers from the Keck School of Medicine of USC has found that areas with more EVs tend to have better air quality and improved health outcomes for residents.

Source: EurekAlert

Arlington County plans to reuse abandoned offices as farms

Arlington County in Virginia will start renovating abandoned office buildings to construct indoor, urban farms. These create jobs and combat urban decay.

Source: Fox 5DC

A Berlin startup recycles old, waste concrete into building materials

Sourcing its materials from demolished buildings, this German startup plans to convert construction and demolition waste into usable building materials.

Source: DW

Waste can now be used for energy

Food waste, a common source of CO2 emissions, is now being rescued for energy in a variety of ways. In Goa, India, it is converted into cooking gas, while heat from servers can be used as electricity.

Source: BBC

President Biden’s Welcome Corps program lets you help refugees

A New US program helps private individuals cooperate and pool funds to sponsor or assist refugees. It also has functions and tools to help resettle individuals specific with governmental assistance.

Source: Vox

The Mobility for Africa program helps individuals access sustainable transport

Africa embraces electric vehicles to help people with affordable and sustainable mobility. Now even locally produced buses run on solar energy.

Source: DW

New technology sheds light on abandoned black cemetery

The Florida Public Archeology Network is working to find and restore headstones in a largely forgotten cemetery, in Groveland, Florida. The area will be restored and renamed.

Source: WFTV

Scientists develop more climate-resistant coral to help reefs

Lab-grown coral may be used to help reefs weather climate change. These specimens will be created and selected for maximum climate resistance while in some areas, coral nurseries help new growth.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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