Finazzi did more than Yuri Alberto at Corinthians – 05/25/2023

Today, with new football endings and nomenclatures, Finazzi could be called a terminal striker or man with the last ball or some other synonym for thick.

Yes, when he played from 1996 to 2014, for dozens of clubs, a football gypsy, Finazzi was always a perfect and finished example of a thick center forward.

An engineering student, he dropped out of enrollment in the third year and went in search of his dream. He went around and arrived at Corinthians in 2007, the year of his downfall.

Suspended, he did not participate in the last game, in Porto Alegre, against Grêmio. Clodoaldo played.

That year, he participated in 39 games. And scored 16 goals. Every ten games, four goals.

Yuri Alberto appeared at the base of Santos, prodigal in revealing center forwards. After him came Kaio Jorge, Marcos Leonardo and now Deivid Washington.

From Santos (27 games and three goals), he went to Inter (85/31), Zenit (15/6) and landed at Corinthians, in a millionaire transaction, involving goalkeeper Ivan, defender Robert Renan and defensive midfielder Du Queiroz.

And, to date, he has scored 16 goals in 52 games.

The same number of goals as Finazzi.

In 13 more games.

If Finazzi took ten games to score four times, Yuri Alberto needs 13 games to score the same four goals.

And, between us, he has not demonstrated a refined technique that differentiates him from Finazzi. The generic, much cheaper and just as efficient.

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