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Fire in Wolfenbuttel

Fire brigade operation in Wolfenbüttel – shed is on fire

04/30/2023, 08:22

On Sunday night, a wooden shed on Salzdahlumer Straße caught fire.

On Sunday night, a wooden shed on Salzdahlumer Straße caught fire.

Photo: Joerg Koglin

During the night there was a blaze at a garage complex on Salzdahlumer Strasse. The fire brigade was able to save gas bottles from the shed.

large-scale operation Wolfenbüttel Fire Department in the night to Sunday: In the Salzdahlumer Strasse stood up woodshed ablaze with flames – a garage fire was initially assumed. Several callers had reported the fire at the garage complex around 3:30 a.m. popping noises suggested explosions from gas cylinders.

The fire chief on duty, who was still on the way, then caused the alarm level to be increased for other emergency services. On site it turned out that several gas bottles in the shed – these blew off gas from the heat but did not explode. The firefighters were able to get them out of the shed and bring them to safety.

After about half an hour, the fire brigade reported that the fire was under control. Three squads wearing respiratory protection extinguished the flames with several C-nozzles. At 4:30 a.m., it was fired out. The residents were able to return to their partly abandoned apartments with peace of mind.

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Apart from the completely destroyed wooden shed, no other buildings were affected. There was no personal injury either. The fire brigade then checked the fire site with a thermal imaging camera and left Salzdahlumer Straße a little later. The fire-fighting trains in the center (Wolfenbüttel local fire brigade) and east (Ahlum, Wendessen, Salzdahlum local fire brigades and the Atzum fire-fighting group) and rescue service units were deployed.

A reliable statement about the cause of the fire could not be given at night.

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