Fire letter against the eco-authority: why only now?

Better late than never. Shortly before the eco-socialist traffic light government literally pulls the plug on them, the representatives of German business apparently also realize that the authorities are not their friend. When twenty leading business associations write a fire letter to the Federal Minister of Economics, describing his administration as “undemocratic” and “constitutionally dubious” and complaining that they are being systematically ignored and passed over, this is indeed a unique occurrence.

But what is most astonishing is: why only now? After all, the Greens have not just been an eco-socialist party of ideologues since yesterday, which declared war on the successful German economic and prosperity model. Climate madness, e-car planned economy, energy transition and nuclear phase-out are economic and scientific nonsense that lead directly to deindustrialization and impoverishment. They were already there when a certain Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) made these green utopias her own.

The fire letter was hopefully not the last

And that’s where the problem lies. For far too long, the representatives of business and small and medium-sized businesses have remained silent about all the crazy projects and have let the citizens down, even though they should have known better. They may have thought that things wouldn’t get that bad and that in the end they would be left alone if they just patiently talked to all the incompetent and crazy politicians and continued to donate to them diligently, including the Greens, as if they were only mafiosi, from whom one can buy one’s freedom with protection money payments, and not hard-core socialists who carry out their ideology regardless of the losses.

This tactic didn’t work. There is no way around confrontation: reason versus ideology, value creators versus wealth destroyers, experts and pragmatists versus cranks, parasites and imaginary world saviors. Perhaps the fire letter from the twenty associations is a tentative first step. But many more letters will have to be written and a number of tougher battles will have to be fought out if Germany is to remain a developed industrial country.

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