First Black president at Harvard University, mRNA cancer vaccine, Spain to expand menstrual leave

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Harvard selects its first Black president, a new mRNA vaccine halves risks of melanoma deaths during a study and Spain expands paid menstrual leave.

Harvard picks first Black president

Claudine Gay has been chosen as the next president of Harvard University. Her expertise is in democracy and political science. She will become the school’s first Black leader and second female head.

Source: BBC

Novel mRNA vaccine found to help immune system attack tumors

A combination treatment of immunotherapy and a personalized mRNA vaccine has shown the preliminary ability to reduce death from melanoma, which causes the majority of skin cancer deaths.

Source: CNN

Spain expands menstrual leave for women experiencing severe pain

A new bill would increase the duration of menstrual leave for women who experience extreme period pain. If passed, it would be the first of such laws in Europe.

Source: BBC

2023 London to New York flight to be carbon-zero

A 787-operated transatlantic route would be flown carbon-zero. Biofuels, produced from waste oils and fats, are planned to substitute traditional jet fuel, cutting the flight’s emissions by 80%.

Source: CNN

New electric vehicle battery won’t lose charge over time

A team of researchers from the University of New South Wales and Yokohama National University has developed a battery that will not lose capacity over long-term use.

Source: Inhabitat

Communities of color organize to fight for housing justice

The Los Angeles Tenants Union uses collective action to fight predatory landlords and expand public housing. Now they are fighting rent inflation.

Source: Yes Magazine

A website that lets migrants keep their credentials

Article 26 Backpack is designed to let refugees upload credentials, diplomas and other documents online not to lose them in the chaos of migration.

Source: Yes Magazine

Cities around the world turn to plant-based cuisine

In an effort to limit carbon emissions, cities like LA and Buenos Aires have signed the Plant-Based Treaty. These locations pledge to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to meat for shops and restaurants.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

A bakery in Kyiv that won’t let war stop it

Bakehouse has continued operations in Kyiv, Ukraine, despite regular power cuts and missile attacks. Now it has inspired a cookbook and charity project called Knead Peace.

Source: positive news

How board games teach us about global problems and solutions

Board game designers are turning to topics like climate change to help players internalize the problems facing the world and think about solutions.

Source: BBC

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