First floating city, urban reforestation with fruit trees, art easing hospital visits

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, the Maldives are building the world’s first floating city, communities in Philly plant fruit trees to help alleviate food insecurity, and in London, art makes hospital visits less painful.

The world’s first floating city to be built in the Maldives

The city will house 20,000 people in a design aimed to address rising sea levels and overpopulation in the Maldives.

Source: positive news

When cities plant trees, why not make them fruit trees?

In Philadelphia, one in six households is food insecure. In order to tackle the problem, communities are planting fruit trees in poor neighborhoods, adding one more advantage to the other multiple benefits trees provide.

Source: grist

Venezuelans create affordable electric vehicles as necessity drives ingenuity

Entrepreneurs in the oil-producing state are now plagued by shortages of recycled parts from golf carts and motorcycles to make battery- and solar-powered cars.

Source: The Guardian

Australian research finds cost-effective way to recycle solar panels

The process involves using electrostatic separation on PV panels to collect valuable materials, reducing them to 2-3% of the original weight.

Source: The Guardian

How Washington’s new park is helping Black residents own a home

New construction projects often put residents at risk of being displaced. In DC, a nonprofit helps affected locals buy their own homes.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

University of California, Berkeley gives back cultural artifacts to Indigenous tribes

The exhibition at Berkeley of artifacts stolen from Natives’ graves has been a source of conflict. Following the controversy, the University has decided to repatriate many of the objects taken.

Source: PBS

College training for people recovering from substance abuse

Small but growing programs demonstrate how some of the most vulnerable adults can succeed in college.

Source: The Hechinger Report

Muyiwa Oki, first black president of RIBA, reveals his shakeup plans

Elderly white men in bow ties have tended to run the very grand and possibly even stuffy Royal Institute of British Architects. Muyiwa Oki, its youngest boss ever at 31, spells out his vision for unions, the climate crisis, and island-buying oligarchs.

Source: The Guardian

This woman wrote more than 1000 Wikipedia bios for unknown female scientists

A 33-year-old physicist is trying to battle sexism in her field while encouraging more girls to pursue careers in STEM.

Source: Today

‘Everyone seemed at ease’: how art is making hospital visits less painful

Some of life’s hardest moments are spent in hospital, but two organizations are working to ease that with ingenious designs. Mina Holland explains how art has been a lifeline.

Source: The Guardian

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