First impressions find ‘Fast & Furious 10’ ‘stupidly fun’

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The city of Rome was the stage for the international premiere of “Fast & Furious 10”, on Friday night (12/5), with the participation of the cast of the feature, who walked down a red carpet against the backdrop of the iconic Coliseum. And after the screening, the embargo on comments on the film – which had already received a premiere in the US – was lifted, releasing public reactions over the internet. The film was called “stupidly entertaining” and a “visual spectacle” by journalists and critics who attended.

The choice of Rome to host the premiere was quite significant, as some intense scenes for the new film were shot in the city. “All the action scenes we did in Rome were real. When we rolled that ball through the streets of Rome, it was a real one-ton ball that we set on fire,” director Louis Leterrier told Variety during the red carpet.

With the positive reception and high praise for the visual effects, some are commenting that the film puts the franchise “back on track”. However, others admit that there are some “awkward elements” to the film, although all, without exception, praised the performance of Jason Momoa (“Aquaman”), whose villain was called “the Joker of Fast and Furious”. In the film he plays Dante Reyes, who is seeking revenge against the Veloz family due to the death of his own family members in “Fast & Furious 5” (2011).

“Fast and Furious 10” premieres in Brazilian theaters next Thursday (18/5).

See below for some reactions.

“’Fast & Furious 10′ puts the franchise back on track, and the No. 1 reason is Jason Momoa, who plays Dante as the ‘Fast & Furious’ version of the Joker. with a story that avoids what made the previous two seem stale, it’s a win,” noted Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend

“‘Fast & Furious 10’ belongs to Jason Momoa and his seedy villain, Dante Reyes. Fierce and flamboyant, his dangerous edge adds a sharp edge and a certain refreshingly acidic humor. The rest is madness with clumsy elements, but it’s mind-bogglingly fun. “, wrote Simon Thompson of Variety.

“Watched ‘Fast & Furious 10’ last week! It’s a roller coaster ride of wild, non-stop action that delivers the franchise’s most shocking ending yet. It’s not perfect (the ending may divide fans), but I’m processing and can’t wait to watch it again. Universal is definitely trying to make this movie their ‘Infinity War,'” compared Insider’s Kirsten Acuna.

“‘Fast & Furious 10’ is completely ridiculous (I loved every second of it). The action sequences and jokes left my face hurting from smiling. Momoa is hilarious. The cast is amazing. Cinema? Please. Peak as a movie summer? Absolutely. Made for a big screen, popcorn experience,” joked Comicbook’s Liam T. Crowley.

“‘Fast & Furious 10’ is an exhilarating journey of emotions. It’s a visual spectacle with some truly incredible stunts and some insanely wild moments that you’ve come to expect from the franchise, but what Jason Momoa brings to the film as Dante is magical! His performance overflows with charisma”, celebrated Joseph Deckelmeier, from Screen Rant.

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