First Look: Series finale of I Hate This Place #10 by Image Comics

Kyle Starks spoke about the finale of I Hate This Place and expressed his excitement at telling the final chapter of the story. He commended his staff and added that he was grateful for the support the book had received so far, including Eisner’s recent nomination. Starks shared that he was pleased that readers enjoyed the book and thanked them for picking up the story. But will Gabby and Trudy get happy endings in the comic’s finale, or will their journey end with the world around them?

On the first preview page, Gabby is held at gunpoint as the machine appears to activate and begins terraforming the world. Meanwhile, Trudy, whose glasses were ripped off her head when Gabby was captured, continues to search for her glasses.

On the second preview page, Trudy finds her glasses. When she finds them, however, the Horned Man is behind her and disappears before she can see him lurking in the woods. But Trudy continues to be in deep trouble as the forces that captured Gabby search for her in the undergrowth.

On Page 3 of Looper’s exclusive preview of “I Hate This Place” #10, Trudy can be seen monitoring additional reinforcements from the future entering the current timeline, watching as a portal opens and arms soldiers arrive.

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