Florence Pugh finally reveals the reason for her new haircut

Florence PughThe versatile and bold actress, known for her diverse roles, has opened up about her conscious choices to take control of her image in Hollywood, including choosing to go makeup-free in some of her films.

Pugh, who shaved her head for romantic drama, also stars in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming epic Oppenheimer and recently became a Valentino brand ambassador.

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“I wanted vanity out of the picture.”

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh, 27, is known for her high-fashion looks on the red carpet. In her on-screen appearances, however, the Little Women star prefers a makeup-free look to avoid the distractions that Hollywood glam might bring to audiences.

In a recent interview with the radio times, The Oxford-born actress revealed her conscious decision to “control her image in the industry.” Her bold move to shave her head for upcoming romance drama We Live in Time was part of that endeavor.

“I made a conscious choice to look like this. I wanted vanity out of the picture,” Pugh said of her dramatic hairstyle, which she debuted at the Met Gala in May. “Hollywood is very glamorous — especially for women — and it’s hard for audiences to overlook that,” she told the magazine Daily mail.

Florence Pugh

She continued, “Unless I really wanted to be glamorous or have a full face made up, I fight to keep it that way. It helps the audience. The vanity is gone. The only thing people can see is your rough face.”

This desire to control her image has been part of Pugh’s journey since the beginning of her career. “I’ve always struggled to control my image,” she revealed. “It helps me if I wear less makeup because I have less glitter on screen. I’m allowed to make ugly faces like it’s more acceptable.”

Florence Pugh’s acting career

Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Cillian Murphy and Florence Pugh attend the Oppenheimer UK Premiere

Since her breakthrough role in 2016’s gritty indie project Lady Macbeth, Pugh has fearlessly embarked on a varied career path. With an Academy Award nomination for her outstanding performance as Amy March in Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women, Pugh has demonstrated her versatility in Marvel’s Black Widow and Olivia Wilde’s highly controversial film Don’t Worry Darling.

Pugh isn’t afraid to take on any role, no matter how big or unknown. He embraces each character boldly and with a bold spirit, taking the blame “when things go wrong.”

“There are things I don’t know how I got up the courage to do – but I pushed myself off the cliff and hoped the wings would come out,” she said per Daily mail.

Her latest endeavor takes her to even greater heights as she plays Jean Tatlock, an American doctor who had a significant relationship with J. Robert Oppenheimer, the mind behind the creation of the film Atomic Bomb, in Christopher Nolan’s epic film Oppenheimer .

Florence Pugh revealed the defining role of her career

Florence Pugh

In an exclusive interview with digital spy, Pugh offered valuable insight into her career as an actress and how she managed to avoid being labeled a “one trick pony”. However, she highlighted a key role that profoundly shaped her career and her aspirations.

Of her transformative experience, Pugh said, “Lady Macbeth was probably what made me what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be.” She continued, “But that was also weird because I was supposed to be doing an American TV show at the time, and that got canceled.”

Recalling the defining moment that would change her career, she added, “Three weeks later, when I was deciding what kind of actor I wanted to be in the industry, Shaheen Baig sent me this audition for Lady Macbeth.”

Florence Pugh becomes Valentino’s brand ambassador

Florence Pugh

In April, Pugh joined the ranks of iconic Italian fashion house Valentino as a brand ambassador. The Don’t Worry Darling star shared the news on her Instagram page.

In a two-part post, Pugh was seen holding a stunning Valentino handbag and looking at the camera, her expression full of pleasant surprise. The bag was tastefully paired with a stylish black shirt, complementing her signature nose ring and blonde hair parted to one side.

The second snap showed Pugh again holding the same handbag in a silver hue. The metallic bag perfectly matched the exquisite Valentino heels she wore while wearing an elegant, form-fitting gray shirt.

Beneath the captivating photos, Pugh wrote: “As you can see. I’m shocked and thrilled to announce that my @maisonvalentino campaign is here. It is truly an honor to continue creating art with my family at Valentino. Working with talented people is one thing, but working with talented people who are good friends feeds the soul! And this campaign really strengthened the soul. Thank you for letting me be me.”

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