Fluminense falters at the beginning and, even in Fábio’s memorable night, bitter defeat to The Strongest in Libertadores

Tricolors feel the weight of altitude and disengagement and see Tigre win 1-0 this Thursday

Fluminense lacked breath and harmony. With a performance that was hardly inspired by Hernando Siles, a goal by Triverio at the beginning of the match defined the 1-0 defeat by Tricolor das Laranjeiras to The Strongest this Thursday, in a game valid for Group D of the Copa Libertadores. Even on Fábio’s memorable night at altitude, Fernando Diniz’s team experienced their first defeat in this edition of the continental competition.

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The Laranjeiras team, which was full of reserves, continues with nine points and at the top of the group. The Strongest, who dominated the reins in a good part of the confrontation, reached six.

The tricolors now turn to the Brazilian. On Sunday (28), Fernando Diniz’s team will face Corinthians. The next match for the Copa Libertadores will be on June 7, a Wednesday, against River Plate, at Monumental de Nuñez, at 21:30.


Full of reserves, Fluminense exchanged passes and tried to organize themselves on the field. However, a defensive breakdown after just three minutes left the tricolors in trouble. After Ortega took a weak corner on the first stick, Martinelli and Isaac butted heads and allowed Triverio to arrive. The number 11 took advantage of the gap and filled the foot. The Laranjeiras team rehearsed a reaction and had a great chance when Lelê took advantage of the opponent’s faltering, dribbled past two opponents and the goalkeeper, but got tangled up after the pass. John Kennedy still tried to take advantage, but the ball went out close to the crossbar. However, with Ortega as a reference, Tigre continued to find spaces and demanded Fábio in a succession of conclusions.


After opening the scoring, the Bolivian team remained incisive and, taking advantage of the fact that the Tricolor das Laranjeiras felt the effects of the altitude of 3,625 meters, piled up chances. Ortega took advantage of Thiago Santos getting in the way and hit a low shot. But Fábio, in an inspired night, showed his quality and saved the Laranjeiras team as best he could. Tigre’s number 10 advanced as he wanted to the area, dribbled Manoel and kicked over Fábio. Ursino appeared among the defenders, but missed the aim. Still in the initial stage, the tricolor goalkeeper still saved Ortega’s new conclusion. Firm, Fábio still stretched to defend a free kick taken by Quiroga.


Coach Fernando Diniz launched Jhon Arias in place of Gabriel Pirani. However, the team was still confused in midfield and saw The Strongest taking the reins of the match. Ortega took a free-kick and Justino almost completed it. Sotomayor took advantage of a flash on the left side, entered the area and was fulminating. In front of an astonished Fábio, the ball hit the post.

By leaps and bounds, Tricolor das Laranjeiras found loopholes and almost tied. John Kennedy got rid of the marking and, in conclusion, sent it over. Only, as Diniz rotated the team, the tricolors felt the mismatch and, mainly, the tiredness. And Fábio returned to shine. The number 1 made point-blank saves from Arrascaita’s header and Triverio’s finish. In the final stretch, Castillo headed the ball into the crossbar. In Manoel’s mistake, Triverio still risked, but Fábio returned to defend, in a breathtaking performance. In a game in which he felt wear and tear, the tricolors suffered a 1-0 defeat.



Date and time: May 24, 2023, at 7 pm (Brasília time)

Stadium: Hernando Siles, in La Paz (Bolivia)

Referee: Felipe Gonzalez (CHI)

Assistants: Edson Cisternas (CHI) and Gabriel Ureta (CHI)

VAR: Francisco Gialbert (CHI)

Yellow card: Quiroga (STR), David Braz, João Henrique (FLU)

Goal: Enrique Triverio, 3/1T (1-0)

THE STRONGEST (Coach: Claudio Biaggio)

Guillermo Viscarra, Sául Torrez, Gonzalo Castillo, Adrián Jusino and Carlos Roca; Luciano Ursino, Jeyson Chura (Arrascaita, 6/2T) and Álvaro Quiroga; Gabriel Sotomayor (Isnaldo, 2/23), Michael Ortega (Junior Arias, 2/32) and Enrique Triverio.

FLUMINENSE (Coach: Fernando Diniz)

Fábio, Guga, Manoel, David Braz (Alan, 2/25) and João Henrique; Thiago Santos (Arthur, 2Q17), Martinelli and Gabriel Pirani (Jhon Arias, halftime); Isaac(André, 2T/17), Lelê and John Kennedy (Kauã Elias, 2T/36).

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