Fluminense shone, Palmeiras did enough and São Paulo is already worrying – 04/16/2023 – Juca Kfouri

Palmeiras began the march towards the second Brazilian championship in a row in their own style: they played enough at home to beat Cuiabá — and only after the opponent was down to ten men.

Fluminense, on the other hand, scared in the first half and put on a show in the second by running over América in Horto.

Sad was the debut of São Paulo, whose defeat to Botafogo in Rio seems to confirm those who fear their first relegation.

Vasco was heroic in the Mineirão by sustaining the victory over Galo, but must remain with his feet on the ground, unlike the Minas Gerais team, which needs to put its head in place.

The start of the Brazilian Championship showed the usual balance between competitors and the usual imbalance of Abel Ferreira, expelled in the first round.

Corinthians and Flamengo, protagonists of the biggest embarrassments of the first games of the third phase of the Copa Brasil, received, in Itaquera and Maracanã, Cruzeiro and Coritiba, two of the weakest teams of the tournament, and fulfilled their obligations. Flamengo with ease when making 3 to 0; Corinthians not so much, with 2 to 1 and little football, in front of 41 thousand fans.

At Flamengo, the best news was the return of Bruno Henrique after almost a year off, against Jorge Sampaoli.

futile league
The Clube dos 13 ended in its best moment also because Juvenal Juvêncio, president of São Paulo, decided to deny the famous balls cup to the six-time Brazilian champion Flamengo, reason for the breakup of the president of the club, Patrícia Amorim.

Juvêncio’s infamous gesture, by betraying the agreement in the founding of Clube dos 13, had the nefarious collaboration, for other reasons, of Corinthian top hat Andrés Sanchez and Globo Esporte executive Marcelo Campos Pinto.

Now, the noise between Palmeiras and Flamengo is due to the red-black selfish arrogance in the face of the correct Palmeiras position, weakened by the out-of-time mockery of Leila Pereira.

When childish motives prevail over adult initiatives, it is a sign that these are not even that mature.

The Pound is not worth a nickel, though it is worth a treasure.

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The Premier League’s decision to ban advertising from bookmakers only on the front of shirts from 2026 is a palliative measure, as it allows for sleeves and signs in stadiums. It reveals the recognition of how harmful gambling is, but in a hypocritical way. Because it forbids without forbidding.

Then Santos announces sponsorship of the virtual casino that has Neymar, the one who played in the final of the World Cup already signed by Barcelona, ​​as an ambassador…

infamous justice
The Superior Court of Sports Justice for volleyball seems to have gone to the same school as former judge Sergio Moro, former prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol and some TFR-4 judges.

By granting suspensive effect to Wallace, the volleyball player who posed armed and asked if you would shoot the President of the Republic in the face, left the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation with no choice but to postpone the Sada-Cruzeiro game, chaired by Bolsonarist businessman Vittorio Medioli, waiting for the case to be definitively judged, suspended by the Brazilian Olympic Committee for only 90 days.

Wallace should have been arrested, never on the court, as his club wants when leading the STJD to such a regrettable decision.

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