Folha relaunches Folhateen in search of an audience or the past? – 05/20/2023 – José Henrique Mariante – Ombudsman

One of the most curious titles published by Sheet in the last few days, it’s from Folhinha: “Section One Adult Answers asks permission to help a 50-year-old reader looking for information that even Google doesn’t have”. The information, which Google now has through the newspaper, is “what is the name of the ball on the Brazilian flag”. The section, the name says, is dedicated to answering questions sent by children. In an era when search engines are starting to write their own entries, thanks to artificial intelligence (and the opportunism of manipulating the country’s legislative debate), it sounds like a contradiction, but it is not.

For the same reason, monthly, The New York Times for Kids circulates in the US. The children’s supplement of one of the most important periodicals in the world exists only in print, with no equivalent version on its tentacular website. Newspapers, out of delirium or principle, need to attract new readers, even if the competition for their attention with the technology embedded in pockets and purses is often inglorious.

In the last week, the Sheet relaunched Folhateen, an innovative section aimed at teenagers, which formed a generation of readers and young journalists in the 1990s and 2000s. fair (16). The idea, as in the original version, is to have material of interest to those who have already left Folhinha, but are still far from facing the regular news.

Manifestations on social networks and messages from readers celebrated the return. People remembering that he subtracted the supplement from the school copy or that he started listening to Arctic Monkeys on the recommendation of one of his columnists.

The good memories are of adults, not teenagers, an audience that will have to be hunted with interaction and stories that make sense in their universes, also according to the presentation text. Interestingly, the channel made an email available for contact and suggestion of guidelines, which sounds anachronistic even for those who have already left adolescence in recent years.

It is interesting to see the Sheet rehabilitating their brands, but there are possible rescues and others not so much. Folhinha is a good example of this trend. Resumed during the pandemic for obvious reasons, it not only remained but created paths, with texts for children to face alone and others together with adults; quiz section, math hobbies, trivia column. A microcosm, separated in the print on a detachable page, an important step (an edition with Anitta on the cover of Ilustrada and Folhinha on the back cover of the same section generated noise).

Equilíbrio, an important brand in the trajectory of the product, currently works more as a label. It brings interesting reports, stories leveraged by social networks, but without an editing set that makes sense. Translations of foreign publications often deal with distant realities. In almost nothing it resembles the tabloid that had a life of its own within the newspaper.

It also passes far from the original memory of Turismo, a classic of Sheet, which today trades deep dives for pools of information. The limiting parameter seems to be industry blogs and websites. The newspaper adapts to the market, when it should, in the readers’ minds, do differently.

Self-styled Guide orphans will put their favorite product in the same pigeonhole, but the issue in this case looks different. A Sheet recalibrated its production with interesting initiatives, but what the public really misses is the format and the broad service.

Globo also realigned this flank of its cultural coverage, but dared to follow the opposite path of its São Paulo competitor, with the publication of a weekly printed supplement, RioShow.

Champion of complaints alongside Guia, Esporte also had its priorities resized. There is no more regular coverage of competitions, just features, special reports on various subjects. It works until the unscheduled news takes hold, as it has in recent weeks.

Intensive follow-up was never a guideline, to the point of PVC, before becoming a columnist for this journal, joking that Sheet it was the best sports policy paper in the world and probably the only one. This best newspaper on sports policy no longer exists, as evidenced by the lackluster coverage of Série A do Brasileiro players involved in betting. It is the biggest scandal in Brazilian football since the CBF-Nike CPI and its important consequences, which had many holes in the Sheet and even an Esso Award for the newspaper. Nothing indicates that the performance will be repeated.

The sentimental relationship of readers with its products is one of the newspaper’s assets. This is due to the good delivery of the Sheet behind. It becomes immediately passive, however, not providing anything beyond the basics in the present.

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