Football solving problems, floating offshore wind farms, pay-what-you-can grocery store

Street football in Barcelona

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we explore the solutions football can bring off the pitch, the French plan to build large-scale floating offshore wind farms, and a pay-what-you-can grocery store in the US.

How football can bring solutions

While the football world cup in Qatar rather seems to be a World Cup of problems, initiatives around the world are using football as a way to solve issues off the pitch. Some support men with their mental health, others build the confidence of girls or even bring people together after conflict.

Source: BBC

Why France is betting on floating offshore wind farms

Becoming the first country to start contracting for floating wind offshore farms, France is betting big on investing in this flexible source of renewable technology.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Pay-as-you-like grocery store opens in St. Louis

At this local grocery, shoppers can pay what they choose and can afford, and many are voluntarily paying above the sticker price to help keep the business open.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

First ‘Secondhand Sunday’ encourages people to give used gifts

Poshmark’s new campaign redirects holiday shoppers away from mass consumption of new goods towards more ethical and sustainable choices.

Source: Treehugger

These cities are taking on car-free streets permanently

Seen throughout many cities in the world during the pandemic, streets being reclaimed from car-centricity are now a permanent feature of these four cities.

Source: Nextcity

Cities received a long-needed tech boost during pandemic

Aging systems and out-of-touch procedures have been overhauled in civic structures worldwide, after the pandemic pushed for systems to catch-up with modern tech solutions.

Source: Bloomberg

A crowdsourced street map for cyclists and pedestrians

Even though it needs more support and more spots, the map already builds a strong and helpful realtime guide.

Source: Treehugger

Latin America’s wins on abortion can teach us valuable lessons

In the midst of America’s battle for abortion rights, it’s helpful to look to Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina for inspiration and crucial lessons for success.

Source: Yes!

A call for help answered

Abuse survivors can call helplines to stop the violence. Now abusers can, too.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

The man setting up woodworking ‘sheds’ to combat loneliness

Across the English-speaking world, men are learning that the easiest way to cure a bout of social isolation is not by talking face to face, but shoulder to shoulder.

Source: The Guardian

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