For the first time, Durango is offering an e-bike discount program

DURANGO, Colorado – For the first time, the city of Durango is offering an e-bike discount program to its residents and students.

The city said this program has two goals: first, to encourage the use of e-bikes as an alternative transportation option to driving, and second, to offer a cost-effective option.

This program is open to all Durango residents, students and people who work in the city.

Applications are possible from April 17 to May 12 at 5 p.m. Once filled out, the person can get a voucher that they can use to buy the e-bike and then get a discount. Click here to apply for the program. Or you can submit a paper application to the Durango Public Library at 1900 E. Third Ave. or pick up at City Hall at 949 E. Second Ave.

Applications are not first come, first served.

Those interested shouldn’t buy the bike before applying, the city says, because the discount can’t be applied to bikes purchased early. After the program window closes, applicants will be notified if they have received a discount coupon and further instructions on how to purchase a bike.

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Once you have the coupon, you can redeem it for $300 at a participating local bike shop. There is a $150 post-purchase refund discount if purchased elsewhere. Discounts for income-eligible applicants range from $500 to $1,500 depending on income level.

Click here for more details and rules about the program.

The city allows e-bikes on the Animas River Trail, Goeglein Gulch Trail, and other sidewalks and streets. Bicycles with pedal assistance are not permitted on the city’s open spaces.

Despite being a relatively small Colorado town, Durango has a thriving bike community.

It offers more than 2,000 miles of bike paths and hundreds of miles of roads for cyclists to explore.

According to the city, some of the most popular road biking routes in Durango include the 20-mile Trimble Loop, the 26-mile Elmore’s Loop and the 35-mile Wildcat Canyon Loop. In addition, it has a variety of mountain bike trails.

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