For the local anniversary: ​​Dance into May with the riflemen

The market Höchberg celebrates the first documentary mention 1275 years ago this year and the Höchberger Schützengesellschaft invited to a dance in May for this reason. The club had decorated the Schützenhaus in a festive way and the second champion marshal, Martina Wiesen, was able to look into a full hall when she welcomed the guests. Was it the invitation of the shooters or the band that made the evening so unforgettable? Probably both, was Martina Wiesen’s conclusion the next day. Because to the music of the Höchberg oldie band “The Mozarts” people danced until the early morning. The many helpers in the hall and in the kitchen had their hands full to ensure that the guests were satisfied. And they were, because everyone went home happy. Martina Wiesen was certain that this evening would go down in the history of the rifle club. She thanked everyone involved for their commitment and praised the good cooperation.

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