For the organized Corinthians, does Luan deserve more protest than Cuca? – 06/05/2023

The ignorance is a blessing. It is not. But there are days when I wish it were.

Gender ignorance, for example.

It would be easier to deal with the disregard for women opened up by the Cuca case.

Members of six Corinthians supporters, including Gaviões da Fiel, held a protest today in front of the club’s Training Center. The target was the board and the cast, with the right to a dramatic staging of the player Luan, lying in a coffin, with a cigarette in the side of his mouth and everything.

Things calmed down with the presence of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Cuca’s replacement, in that already traditional and bizarre scene of Brazilian football: the satisfaction of organized fans.

Protest turned to support and the day ended without incident.

Do you know when there was no protest of this amount? In hiring a coach convicted of sexual relations with a minor. There were movements on the internet and demonstrations in the stands (especially by women), but there was no revolt. Revolt like that capable of bringing together the main organizations.

Even in light of the most sordid details, calm prevailed in Itaquera — and in so many other places.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the well-known jurist Miguel Reale Júnior wrote today for Estadão: “Cuca is a public figure and his life matters, as today does behavior that is offensive to the freedom and integrity of women.”

Didn’t they matter before, dear lawyer? Now that they matter, is it fair that we discuss the matter?

Perhaps the truth is even worse. These “offensive behaviors” didn’t matter then and don’t matter now. Just as the illustrious lawyer did not mind using the term “Indian”, in the middle of 2023.

Ah, the ignorance. Perhaps it is a blessing indeed.

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