Forest sports field and clubhouse

Good news from the general meeting of TSV Uettingen: More than 40 members came to the Franconian country inn. Also gratifying: Enough candidates were found so that a new board of directors could be elected. This was reported by the old and new board member Fabian Häußlein at the beginning, before the deceased members were commemorated.

Looking back, Häuslein highlighted, among other things, the actions for Ukrainian refugees. He spoke about the advantages of the club WhatsApp number and the newly set up Instagram account (tsv_uettingen). The statement that there had been repeated attempts at fraud caused astonishment. For example, checks were made under his name.

Julia Hupp reports on the events of the past club year, in which 51 German sports badges were awarded, including 32 in gold. Upcoming events are the Whitsun holiday and on June 18th the games and sports festival with the Gaukinderturnfest, and a dance course is also offered in June and July. In August the football school will take place again and on December 16th and 17th there will be club bowling again.

Horst Kaspers reported on the new acquisitions of the past year: a new pump for the tennis court, LED floodlights for the sports field and a ball safety fence. The association also contributed to the purchase of mobile kitchen equipment.

No construction work was carried out on the forest sports field, but funding applications were made for LED lamps and a ball fence. Here you have to talk to the municipality or the beautification association whether the measures will be carried out, otherwise the application will be forfeited.

Kaspers also reported on the previous planning of the new clubhouse. They are faltering, because it is still to be clarified whether a completely new building should be built or whether the existing building should be extended. Good news: in 2022, TSV achieved a surplus of around 15,500 euros.

Horst Kaspers, Manuel Bachmann and Fabian Häußlein thanked the entire board, the helpers and supervisors. Special thanks to Nicole Höfer, Marina Dürrnagel, Julia Hupp and Sandra Lannig for their years of support in the club.

By: Aurelian Völker (Assessor, TSV Uettingen 1910 eV)

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