Former judoka builds church in a city in the interior of São Paulo

Athlete was an Olympic medalist and is present in the COB Hall of Fame

Walter Carmona leads the construction of a church for around 400 people, in the rural area of ​​the city of São Roque, in the interior of São Paulo. The construction is part of a shelter that is helped by the former judoka. The project shelters children, the elderly and homeless people.

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The former athlete has his name marked in the history of Brazilian sport. Carmona won a bronze medal in Judo, during his participation in the 1984 Olympics. He is also part of the Hall of Fame of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

– I’m a Christian and I think that evangelizing people, taking the word of God to people, is the greatest legacy I can leave – explained the former judoka in an interview for the website “UOL Esportes”.

The action is described by Carmona as a personal action. He and his wife are responsible for managing the work, from civil construction to equipping the church with sacred images. Without the building, the local community celebrates masses in a hall

We were already collaborating with the home, one day I went to visit, there was a football field on the side, and I said: ‘Are we going to build a church here?’ Ludovico (founder of the place) said that if it was to my liking, we could do it. So let’s make a church-he said.

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Carmona was the first born Brazilian to win a medal at a Judo World Championship. He was the fourth judoka to enter the Hall of Fame, after Chiaki Ishii, Aurélio Miguel and Rogério Sampaio.

The coronation ceremony took place on May 12 in São Paulo. The former judoka was proud of the title won in his career, but declared not to be stuck with past achievements.

I don’t have a photo, I don’t have anything. I don’t even know exactly where my Olympic medal is, but my wife does. It’s an internal thing of mine, ball forward. I’ve come this far, let’s go to the next one. I never wanted to look back, no – explained the former judoka to the COB website

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