Former NCAA Swimmer, Conservative Activist Claims She Was Attacked By Leftists During College Event | Wayne Dupree

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer and conservative activist, claims that she was attacked on Thursday at San Francisco State University after speaking at a Turning Point USA and Leadership Institute event there. 

According to Fox News, the woman’s husband, Louis Baker, claimed, “She told me she was hit several times by a guy in a dress.” “I was trembling. I was so enraged by it. To feel so helpless about it makes me sick. Even though she was protected by the cops, a man in a dress hit her.

Gaines, one of the athletes who has been most outspoken about her opposition to biological men participating in women’s sports, released a video on Twitter showing people yelling at her as she looks to be walking down a hallway with at least one police officer there.

The phrase “Trans rights are human rights” can be heard coming from one person. However, it doesn’t seem like the footage makes it very evident that she was struck. 

Similar heckling apparently caused the speech to terminate shortly after it began. 

According to Barker, his wife was taken to a safe room where she was locked up for about three hours.

“The asylum at SFSU is being controlled by the inmates…Gaines said in a tweet that she was physically assaulted twice by a man after being ambushed. “This demonstrates the need for sex-protected locations for women. Still, this simply serves to reinforce my sense of accomplishment. Speak louder when they want you to be silent.

No arrests in connection with the incident, according to an SFSU official, who added that the university was “conducting an ongoing investigation into the situation.”

The interruption took place after the event had ended, necessitating the relocation of the event speaker to a separate, safe location by [campus police] officers.

Gaines’ agent, Eli Bremer, told Fox News Digital: “Riley will openly educate people about the risks of biological males in women’s sports. This will not stop Riley from doing that. She will keep speaking out against the radical left, which has lost any understanding of the distinction between men and women.

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