Four-day workweek trial changes lifes, ‘walking’ forest transforms Dutch city​, UK sports clubs boost biodiversity


UK four-day workweek trial seems to change people’s lives

For the past two months, thousands of people in the United Kingdom have tested a four-day schedule – with no cut to their pay. Some of them say that they feel healthier, happier and are doing better in their jobs.

Source: CNN

‘Walking’ forest of 1,000 trees transforms Dutch city

A spectacle of leafy ash, oak and elm ambling through Leeuwarden streets offers a vision of a greener future.

Source: The Guardian

UK sports clubs boost biodiversity by letting nature go wild on their grounds

Across the UK, cricket and golf clubs are starting to do their bit for local biodiversity by ditching the pesticides and nurturing wildlife.

Source: The Guardian

‘Incredibly promising’: the bubble barrier extracting plastic from a Dutch river

A new technology applied to Oude Rijn river helps stop plastic pollution from reaching the sea.

Source: The Guardian

Indian researcher uses waste weeds to make eco-friendly straws

Dr Devasena, a PhD researcher from Coimbatore came up with the idea to make sustainable straws out of Coimbatore, an Indian waste weed. Now she is considering to produce further reusable items, such as plates.

Source: The Better India

San Francisco’s new city plan to adapt it’s half empty office district

As a result of the pandemic more people work from home. In San Francisco, many downtown offices are not longer used. A new plan suggests to renovate the financial district by adding green and leisure spaces to bring vibrancy to the city.

Source: Bloomberg

Old Skool Café in San Francisco helps vulnerable youth to reinvent themselves

The food business aims to give young people impacted by difficulties, such as violence and foster care, a place to develop the necessary skills to create a stable future for themselves.

Source: Next City

This non-profit is renovating abandoned homes in Colorado for people who need housing

Since San Luis faced limited job opportunities and widespread poverty in the 1990’s, a lot of people abandoned their homes. A valleywide coalition is now buying and renovating them to help those who are in need.

Source: Colorado Sun

Why small cardboard homes could be a sustainable housing alternative

Rotterdam is home to Europe’s largest port, but it also lacks living space. Floating homes made of waterproof cardboard could help solve the problem.

Source: Euronews

Better housing for refugees: the Swedish response

Millions of forcibly displaced people cannot afford new homes and have to live in tent camps. In Sweden, designers and architects are presenting solutions to improve their housing conditions.

Source: BBC

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