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In the Zoological-Botanical Garden there are flowers that were already there in the time of King Wilhelm I

The Wilhelma is better known for its exotic animals. But in the Moorish Garden there are treasures of flora (plant life) to admire.

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Although it has been quite cold so far (for plants), many flora creations (including the cherry trees) are blooming in beautiful colorful blooms. This also applies to the pink peonies in the Wilhelma, in the zoological and botanical gardens.

They were already here in the days of King Wilhelm, the first. Offshoots were produced again and again, so it can be assumed that today’s peonies are descended from those of yesteryear and belong to practically the same peony family.

Incidentally, peonies were first bred in China around 1000 years ago and came to Europe in the 18th century. Bees and other insects have little use for the colorful flower balls. The large blossoms of the peonies can be seen in the Wilhelma until the end of May.

There are also 17 peony bushes in Wilhema that are blooming yellow, but only in a few weeks.

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