Fred Nicácio gives up on the all-black podium at BBB 24

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

Since he returned to “BBB 23” through the repechage, Fred Nicácio aimed to form a podium exclusively with the black participants of the house. However, not everyone shared this view.

Ricardo Alface didn’t like it and put himself out of the plan. Domitila Barros found it complicated. And Cezar Black is against racial guidelines.

Seeing the lack of adherence, the doctor reflected with himself and with the Brazilian public, while taking a shower on Saturday (1/4), stating that this desire should be collective, but each one thinks only of himself.

“I will not carry this weight alone. It’s not fair to myself, nor is it possible. It’s not a matter of justice, it’s a matter of human impossibility. Bearing such a burden alone is impossible. Collective goals should be embraced by all , while individual aspirations should be maintained,” he said.

“People are more focused on their individual aspirations. So every man for himself and God for all. There’s nothing to be done. People don’t care about the collective, only their own individual interests. I’m not going to worry anymore. put in that situation. It’s not fair to me. I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take this anymore,” concluded the doctor.

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