Fred Nicácio says he is the protagonist of BBB 23 and carries “editing on his back”

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

Fred Nicácio returned to the diva pattern this Wednesday (4/5), when he was teased with plant emojis. He especially criticized Larissa Santos for trying to “ignore” her huge success outside of “BBB 23”.

Talking to his partner Domitila Barros in his outbursts and plans, the doctor stated that he is considered the main protagonist of reality and was acclaimed after his elimination.

“Out there, I was hailed by the public and by TV as ‘the protagonist of the edition’, who carried the entire plot of that edition on his back”, he guaranteed.

He cited the painting “Big Therapy”, commanded by Paulo Vieira, and his participation in “Domingão com Huck” as evidence of his acclaim. “In Therapy, this was the theme [protagonismo]. When I went to Luciano Huck, that was the theme”, he highlighted.

Domitila claims that the sister did not see anything during the week she spent outside the house. “It wasn’t her who saw it, it was her advisor who gave her a briefing: ‘Don’t mess with that’, ‘Do this’…”, said Miss Germany.

For not recognizing their importance and their positions in the game, Fred then decided to detonate the teacher. “She saw a lot of that – and she saw how I positioned myself there in the Reunion Room, and the audience brought me back. How I positioned myself… She knows how I am when I have to position myself.”

It is worth remembering that, on Monday night (3/4), Fred had already declared, screaming, that he was the protagonist of the edition. Surrounded by his allies from the Fourth Desert, he attacked Aline Wirley for calling him out in the Game of Discord, saying, “I’m protagonist. What about her?”

“They’re giving me [emojis de] plant because they are missing my positioning. It’s not when they want it, it’s when they need it”, continued the doctor, ending the subject.

Fred doesn’t know that one of the plant emojis he received was from Ricardo Alface.

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