Free period products in Scotland, Stuttgart’s ventilation corridors, special training for immigrant female workers

Today in Squirrel News, a groundbreaking law for women and girls in Scotland comes into force, Stuttgart utilises so-called ventilation corridors to keep city cool, and immigrant female workers take a step to challenge status quo.

Free period products law enters into force in Scotland

The Lancet says around 500 million women and girls worldwide face period poverty, an issue referring to the lack of access to menstrual products, education and sanitation. Scotland’s historic move is all the more crucial as it comes against the backdrop of a cost of living crisis.

Source: Deutsche Welle

How Stuttgart’s urban design keeps the city cool

A German city puts climate concerns at the core of its urban planning, allowing it to access nature-based solutions. The effort enables downtown residents to enjoy cool mountain air.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Two Sardinian villages venture into ‘community energy’

Touted as a critical climate solution, community-led renewable energy is set to change the power landscape on Italy’s Sardinia island.

Source: Euronews

Community college offers on-campus home as students face housing crisis

More than 50% of community college students in the U.S. struggle with housing insecurity, according to a survey. To prevent them from dropping out of college, the state of Kansas installed on-campus housing.

Source: The Kansas City Beacon

Immigrant women rise above cleaning industry’s status quo

New York City’s Liberty Cleaners makes strides toward labor empowerment. Dozens of workers took part in a special training where they acquired negotiation skills for better working conditions.

Source: Next City

Local renewable energy employment can fully replace U.S. coal jobs nationwide

Across the United States, local wind and solar jobs can fully replace the coal-plant jobs that will be lost as the nation’s power-generation system moves away from fossil fuels in the coming decades, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Source: Science X

How solar energy paves the way for financial inclusion in India

Millions of rural Indians now have access to formal banking system thanks to renewable energy. Solar power keeps banks operating and cuts carbon emissions in the process.

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

Green fuel startups powering a cleaner future for India

More than 3,300 startups are now working in the renewable energy sector in India and many of these startups are involved in the green fuel sector to reduce carbon emissions.

Source: Mongabay-India

Rethinking, recycling and re-loving: A peek into India’s circular fashion economy

Textile industry stakeholders are now finding inventive solutions to make the circular fashion economy resilient, restorative and regenerative in nature. An overhaul in the legacy business structures would require an incremental approach that is both planet and people-positive.

Source: Mongabay-India

Kenyan youth help bridge information gap for climate-hit communities

With millions of people suffering from starvation as a result of extreme drought, youth in the east African country are helping relay crucial information. Volunteers translate disaster alerts to communities that do not speak English.

Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

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