Free public transit, cyborg roaches saving lives, carbon-free ferry between England and France


This week in Squirrel News, five US cities turn to free public transit, cybernetic cockroaches rescue people, and a carbon-free ferry transports travelers between England and France.

How five cities manage free public transportation

From Kansas City to Olympia, five cities around the US have implemented free public transit. The results? Mostly positive, including increased ridership and economic opportunities.

Source: Next City

Cybernetically modified cockroaches could be used for search and rescue

Using a solar-rechargeable battery, these cyborg roaches may assist rescuers in the future, searching through rubble to find disaster victims and save lives.

Source: El País

New high-speed train line links Spanish cities for just 18 euros

Running from Madrid to Barcelona, ​​with a stop in Zaragoza, a new high-speed train line will cost only 18 euros. Moreover, it is said to be the fastest, quietest and most sustainable in Europe.

Source: TimeOut

Implementation of zero emission buses in Delhi leads to better public health

Since May, 150 electric buses service Delhi, emblazoned with the words ‘zero emissions’ on their sides. A study of their effect concluded that mortality and morbidity have diminished.

Source: Monga Bay

New jet fuel sucks CO2 out of the air

A new, carbon neutral jet fuel may help power current drones and planes. The fuel removes CO2 from the air as it is burned, vastly reducing carbon emissions.

Source: Fast Company

The hole in the ozone layer is predicted to be close within the next 50 years

Scientists from the NOAA have recorded an over 50% decrease in harmful chemicals in the atmosphere since the 80s. Over Antarctica, where the hole is most prominent, the chemicals have similarly started to disappear.

Source: Euronews

A new ferry from Dover to Calais is fully carbon-free

A sail-powered catamaran now runs from the English coast to France, ferrying passengers who are even given the opportunity to help with the rigging and tacking of the vessel.

Source: positive news

Nonprofits help low-income households afford home buying

Homestead Community Land Trust and Habitat for Humanity are two non-profits that help house low-income individuals in expensive cities such as Seattle.

Source: Crosscut

A police run farm creates employment and feeds a community

Dig Deep Farms provides sustainable jobs for people coming out of jail, runs a job training program, and operates a food hub to distribute fresh produce to people in need.

Source: Civil Eats

The man fighting to free millions from their criminal records

Jay Jordan’s criminal record barred him from job after job, leaving him in poverty. Now he’s helping California take a transformative step.

Source: The Guardian

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