Free public transport in French cities, free school meals in London, sea cucumbers fixing the world

Square in Montpellier, France

In this edition of Squirrel News, we visit French cities with free public transport, London will provide free meals to primary school children, and sea cucumbers emerge as heroes of the sea.

Montpellier introduces free transport

The French city of Montpellier is implementing free public transportation, showing its commitment to social justice. The scheme is similar to those of other French territories and European cities.

Source: Euronews

London to provide free school meals to primary school children

The city is implementing a £130m emergency cost of living scheme. The program will run during the 2023-24 academic year. It has the potential to save households £440 each child over the year.

Source: BBC

EU green lights ban on fossil fuel-powered cars

New gas and diesel cars will be banned in the European Union by 2035 under a new mandate. The move follows the lead of California and the state of New York.

Source: EcoWatch

World’s first offshore wind seaweed farm to be operational by end-year

The North Sea Farm 1 project off the coast of the Netherlands aims to become a model for offshore seaweed farming that can be utilized all over the world.

Source: Electrek

New Jersey tackles racially biased anti-drug policies

Emphasizing equity, a program in New Jersey is expected to change the lives of people with previous marijuana-related charges.

Source: CNBC

Dhaka embraces sustainable commuting with first metro rail

The densely populated city in Bangladesh relies primarily on buses and cars for transportation. The train system paves the way for cleaner mobility and jobs.

Source: Context

How to fast-track bike lane construction

The Final Mile project has helped build 335 miles of bike lanes in five American cities within two years. This initiative provides a blueprint for expediting bike lane construction.

Source: Next City

‘Filling in the gaps’ for food access: women-run farms rethink California agriculture

Female farmers represent an increasing share of Golden State cultivators – and grow a wider variety of ‘specialty crops’ than done in traditional monoculture

Source: The Guardian

Singapore converts old rail line into nature reserve

In favor of biodiversity protection and to provide the public with a new recreational area, Singapore opted to transform a defunct rail line into a nature reserve.

Source: Bloomberg

How sea cucumbers protect oceans and increase income

Researchers in Australia are studying the coral reef benefits of sea cucumber poo. While in Madagascar, local residents are adopting sustainable farming practices to boost their income and safeguard the seas.

Source: BBC

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