Free teletherapy for 1.3 million LA students, reconnecting neighborhoods divided by highways

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, LA students are given access to free therapy, the US plans to fix divided neighborhoods and land trusts work to preserve Chinatown.

LA Students will be able to get free, remote therapy

A new public-private partnership between the Los Angeles County Office of Education and a healthcare provider aims to help students with remote therapy sessions free of charge.

Source: The 74

US funds to be used in projects that help restore displaced neighborhoods

The US Department of Transportation is allocating almost $200 million to help remove highways and expressways that isolated and cut neighborhoods in Half.

Source: Bloomberg

Community land trusts help preserve Chinatown and keep rents down

Since 2015, activists have worked to buy property in Boston’s Chinatown, with the intention to preserve the historic area and protect residents from rent hikes.

Source: wbur

A less flashy method to decarbonise the fashion industry

Plant-based and recycled clothes are all well and good, but the real emissions generated by the fashion industry come from its supply chain. The Apparel Impact Institute seeks to help companies become more sustainable in ways that actually matter.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Washington State raises climate change funds with innovative auctions

The US state wants to cut its carbon emissions 95 percent below 1990 levels by over the next twenty-five years. To accomplish this, it’s raising money by auctioning off carbon emission permits. It raises $300 million.

Source: grist

Wildlife crossings to help protect bighorn sheep from LA-Las Vegas trains

Three new wildlife crossings between the Los Angeles and Las Vegas rail line are intended to help shield the native bighorn sheep from high-speed trains.

Source: The LA Times

Language nests help teach youngsters indigenous languages

In Minnesota, a teaching concept called a language nest is used to help immerse children and adults in local, indigenous languages, namely Ojibwe. It’s now expanding, in the hope of restoring the language to households across the state.

Source: MPR News

A music teacher making sure disabled musicians have time in the spotlight

Chad Lemons, a music teacher at Mead Elementary School in northern Colorado works to give disabled students the chance to play during football games, concerts and other community events.

Source: Chalkbeat

Alaska students learn about climate change by raising fish

Through a program called Salmon in the Classroom, students have the opportunity to see the effects of climate change and pollution on ecosystems. They spend more than six months raising salmon and monitoring their growth.

Source: NPR

The former sex worker educating Indians about HIV/AIDS

After years as a sex worker, Sanjana Tiwari works to help others by teaching Indians about the reality of HIV/AIDS, in a bid to destigmatize the condition.

Source: DW

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