Free turnstile: a civilized form of protest without harming the population – 03/23/2023

Updated at 12:10 pm: The Regional Labor Court of São Paulo has just vetoed the agreement made by the company and the state government with the union of subway workers for them to return to work with free turnstiles. The union accuses Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (Republicans) of having breached the agreement. So the strike continues.


When the subway goes on strike, it’s not just its passengers who suffer. With more cars and buses in circulation, the city’s traffic becomes chaos. On Thursday morning, traffic jams reached 840 kilometers. The damage to workers, commerce and industry is incalculable.

An old formula, but little used in Brazil, can be the salvation of the crop: the release of the turnstiles, as a civilized way of pressuring the company to meet the demands of its employees. It also has the advantage of attracting the sympathy of the population to workers, as traveling for free is everyone’s dream.

There is only one problem: this form of protest cannot be prolonged over time, under the risk that the company, without revenue, will not be able to meet its financial commitments, starting with the wages of its employees.

But the agreement reached today between the management of Cia. of the Metrô and the union of the category, for the immediate return of the circulation of trains, it can be a good start to establish new forms of relationship between employers and employees, without having to call the police or go immediately to the Justice, as it normally happens.

This is the first good news for anyone living on a salary with a formal contract since the implementation of the labor reform in the Michel Temer government, when, under the pretext of increasing the number of jobs, employees’ rights were cut and the Justice of the State was emptied. Work.

Life goes on.

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