Fröling and Pröger meet: Hansa Rostock almost saved

2nd Bundesliga

Fröling and Pröger meet: Hansa Rostock almost saved

Rostock's goal scorer Kai Pröger (3rd from right) cheers with his teammates about the penalty goal to make it 0:2.

Rostock’s goal scorer Kai Pröger (3rd from right) cheers with his teammates about the penalty goal to make it 0:2.

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With the 2-1 win in Sandhausen, Hansa Rostock celebrates their fourth win in a row and is almost certain to remain in the 2nd Bundesliga. Meet Fröling and Pröger. But it trembles until the end.

Sandhausen (dpa/mv). Second division football will almost certainly be played in Rostock next season. FC Hansa won 2-1 (2-0) at bottom of the table SV Sandhausen on Friday evening and, after the start of the 32nd matchday, has 37 points and is seven points ahead of relegation rank 16, which is currently held by Arminia Bielefeld. If Bielefeld (30 points) loses to 1. FC Kaiserslautern on Saturday and if penultimate Jahn Regensburg (28) doesn’t win against Hamburger SV on Sunday, Rostock’s place in the league is perfect.

“We woke up at the right time and drew the important games. We’re not quite through yet. But I’m in good spirits,” said goal scorer Kai Pröger on Sky. Hansa coach Alois Schwartz celebrated a successful return to his ex-club, which released him in February.

With the early opening goal in the 17th minute, the Rostock team, who started with the successful team of the past few weeks, got off to a great start. Left winger Nils Fröling played several Sandhaus defenders and kept his nerve when his first shot was blocked. It was the third goal of the season for the 23-year-old Swede, who was only able to gain a regular place under Schwartz.

Thanks to goalkeeper Markus Kolke and defender Nico Neidhart, who ironed out an unsuccessful move by defender Rick van Drongelen, the precious lead held and provided security. Also with Kai Pröger. Hansa’s best scorer was first fouled by Arne Sicker, then took the penalty himself and turned it coldly halfway into the right corner (37′). The lively blond has already scored ten times this season.

After the restart, Sandhausen brought on two new offensive forces to overcome the compact defense bulwark of the Hanseatic League. However, opposing help was needed for the connection hit. Van Drongelen and Kevin Schumacher gave Janik Bachmann a free header (54′), leaving Hansa’s number one without a chance to defend himself. A good ten minutes later the ball was in Kolke’s box again, but the goal was disallowed because of a handball.

Hansa had to continue to tremble because the team limited itself too much to defending and purposeful offensive actions were not played out promisingly. This was not punished because the home side simply lacked the means. In the end, the 2000 Rostock fans were fully rewarded for their journey of more than 750 kilometers.

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