From the 04 lobby to the coup, Bolsonaro family used DF to satisfy hunger

Jair Renan, Bolsonaro’s 4th son, circulated freely and secretly through government facilities in the Federal District to defend personal interests. The promiscuity between the family and the administration of the federal capital escalated, years later, in the form of leniency by the security forces in the face of the attempted coup d’état on January 8.

The DF Sports and Leisure Secretariat admitted to Justice that it did not record a meeting between it and the then secretary and now vice-governor, Celina Leão (PP), on September 22, 2020, according to a report by Wanderley Preite Sobrinho, at UOL. On the occasion, they would have talked about e-sport.

It would not have been a single visit. Lawyer Marivaldo Pereira, now the national secretary for Access to Justice in the Lula government, requested information via the Access to Information Law.

The folder refused to provide Jair Renan’s entry and exit records. Afterwards, he decreed secrecy about what was discussed and who participated in the meeting. Then he warmed up by saying that he would not provide information because that could “put the security of the State and that of the President of the Republic at risk” – at the time, his father.

What was discussed at the meetings that was so secretive as to jeopardize national security?

Finally, forced to reveal the reason for the meeting, the DFG government said it was a “courtesy visit”, so there were no records or notes. It is worth remembering that any courtesy visit that any citizen makes to a parliamentarian in Congress, to a minister in a superior court or to a public servant of the Executive Branch must leave a record.

But Jair Renan is not just any citizen. He is the 04.

This was not the only time he used the last name to act as a lobbyist in Brasilia. The then Minister of Regional Development, and today a senator, Rogério Marinho, confirmed that he received Jair Renan and representatives of a company in an audience. Detail: the meeting was requested by the father’s office after intermediation of the offspring.

Held in November 2020, the meeting had been made public by Veja. According to the magazine, the company, Gramazini Granitos e Mármores, sponsored Jair Renan’s Bolsonaro Jr Eventos e Mídia. Unlike the brothers Flávio, Carlos and Eduardo, he has not yet entered politics. Not officially, at least.

The minister told the Financial Inspection and Control Commission of the Chamber of Deputies that the company wanted to talk about a “technological innovation” in the housing area. He said he did not know Jair Renan and that he was not embarrassed by his presence since he “entered in silence and left in silence”.

As if I needed to say anything. A company gained privileged access to a minister through a surname. And a surname sat in the minister’s office, with all its weight.

A startup from Ceilândia that tries a meeting in the DF government to occupy an office in the Mané Garrincha stadium or an honest contractor and resident of the outskirts of the capital of São Paulo, who has excellent ideas to save on the recycling of construction materials, would have the same facility to access to power that the 04?

At the time of the Veja article, Bolsonaristas who complained so much about the relationship between the enterprise of one of Lula’s sons and corporations that had interests in the PT administrations, responded to the news on 04: “What about the PT?” Considering that the Workers’ Party and the former president and his family have already been criticized at length for this, including lawsuits in court, the question now is another: “What about Jair?”

No wonder 04’s company was investigated for influence peddling.

The Bolsonaro clan never understood the necessary separation between public offices and private interests. They are not the only politicians to adopt this behavior, but they insist on it frequently. This means that Jair Renan’s visits are understood not as a deplorable one-off deviation, but as further evidence of a structural problem, which began in the family and spread throughout the Republic.

For a president who defended “meritocracy” so that the poor could access social benefits, it is quite embarrassing to see that, in the case of his family, meritocracy does not happen through achievements derived from personal effort, but from the last name. For the Bolsonaro clan, meritocracy is hereditary. And the institutions of the Republic, its playground.

The Bolsonaro family’s promiscuous relationship with the Federal District government did not stop at the secret visit of son 04.

From the intersection between the GDF and the Bolsonaro surname, other teratologies emerged, such as Anderson Torres, Jair Messias’ trusted man, in the role of Public Security Secretary. The same secretary who dismantled the security forces, making the January 8 attacks possible.

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