Full-back Mário Sérgio celebrates the mark of 70 games for Ituano and plans a duel against Novozirontino

Left-back Mário Sérgio will complete 70 games with Ituano’s shirt this weekend. The team from Itu will face Novorizontino in Series B of the Brazilian Championship.

“Very happy to complete 70 games and be part of Ituano’s history. Having participated in access to Série B and won titles, including the Interior Trophy. And I am managing to advance my marks. My feeling is of great gratitude, first God, and then to the club. I’m managing to prosper and the club too”, commented the athlete.

Last year, Mário Sérgio was the waiter of the season with 4 assists. There were 3 in Serie B. This year, he made the first goal pass in the Brazilian only, in the game against ABC.

“The Brazilian is a competition of constancy and consistency. It is a long championship. With a lot of physical and mental resistance. As it has a prolonged duration, it is logical that there is more wear and tear. And so there is more space. As you condition yourself better physically, technically , tactically, mentally, which are the four pillars that the commission highlights, you gain more quality. And the strength to give even more assists in the Brazilian and continue contributing as a waiter in the season”, explained the full-back.

At the age of 29, and with more than two years at the club, Mário Sérgio is looking to help with the integration of the reinforcements that arrived for Série B.

“There were many reinforcements after the end of Paulistão. The best way to quickly fit in is to get to know him in all aspects. What I pass on to them is that they participate in everything that Ituano moves. the club’s day. Try to understand the philosophy of the club’s work. That way the adaptation will be faster, and the positive results will start to flow faster”, said the player, who also tried to adapt soon to the work of coach Gilmar Dal Pozzo.

“I’m feeling very good. Very fit. I’ve already understood the work dynamics of the coaching staff that arrived this year. And I see myself perfectly qualified to continue cooperating with the team to achieve the goals this season”.

The game that will mark Mário Sérgio’s 70th match will be this Saturday, at 5 pm. Mário Sérgio analyzed the opponents and pointed out the home factor as a differential in favor of Ituano for the match.

“We had a week full of work. So the coaching staff outlines a strategy showing the opponent’s strength, how we work so that we can act effectively on the opponent’s weak points, and strengthening ours. strong and interesting team. But, inside our house, our strength has to prevail”, he said.

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