Garden Mistakes to Avoid That Can “Devalue” Your Property – “Immediate Turning Away From a Buyer”

“You certainly won’t find yourself relaxing on shabby old patio furniture in your backyard.”

3. Stunning water features

While the trend in recent years has been to create a focal point in the garden with an eye-catching water feature, a garden that is too big for the space or costs a lot of money to maintain can be a water feature’s “instant turn.” from a buyer”.

Property gurus warned: “A permanent water feature such as a koi pond or landscaped rock garden waterfall can deduct up to £8,000 from your asking price.”

Why not add a bird bath to the garden instead as this is one of the easiest water features to maintain and also attracts wildlife to the space. A bird bath does not have pumps, filters or a costly installation fee.

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