GDF denies transferring Torres to penitentiary hospital and defense appeals to STF

The Military Police of the Federal District (PM-DF) informed the Federal Supreme Court (STF) this Tuesday, 2, that it sees no need to transfer the former Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, to the penitentiary hospital.

The opinion sent by the general commander of the DF’s Military Police, Colonel Klepter Rosa, is based on reports from the team that provides medical care to prisoners. The document states that the facilities “seem adequate for the current state of mental health” of the former minister.

The Management of Prison Primary Care Services, a body linked to the DF Health Secretariat, concluded that Anderson Torres’ condition ‘requires frequent monitoring’, but has ruled out the transfer at this time.

“However, once an intention for self-extermination is perceived, the place will not really be suitable as there is a lot of privacy, especially at night, and multiple objects from the rooms in which it is located can be used for this purpose”, he says. the report.

Anderson Torres is being held in a General Staff Room at the Military Police’s Operational Aviation Battalion of the Federal District. The preventive detention was decreed in the investigation into the role of authorities in the coup acts of January 8 and lasts for more than 100 days. He was Secretary of Security for the Federal District when the coup leaders invaded and destroyed public buildings in Praça dos Três Poderes.

The former minister’s defense asked again this Tuesday for provisional release. One of the arguments is that preventive detention should not last indefinitely and could be replaced by precautionary measures, such as the use of an anklet.

Another point raised is that he is no longer Secretary of Security and therefore could not use the position to try to obstruct the investigation. The former minister is the last authority arrested in the investigation.

Lawyers also insist that Torres is increasingly depressed. People close to the former minister claim that one of his main concerns is to stay away from his family. One of the manifestations sent by the defense to the STF cites a feeling of ‘disappointment with life’.

The defense also contradicts the PM’s opinion. The lawyers transcribe a report attributed to the psychiatrist who treated the former minister at the end of last month. The doctor would have recommended home hospitalization given the ‘risk of attempted self-extermination’.

It is up to Minister Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of the investigation, to decide whether or not to make the ex-minister’s arrest more flexible. The defense asks him to reconsider the decision that denied the provisional release or send the case for analysis in the plenary of the STF.

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