GDR: reporter legend Heinz Florian Oertel died at the age of 95


GDR reporter legend Heinz Florian Oertel died

The East German sports reporter legend Heinz Florian Oertel during reporting on the NDR radio program.  The former sports reporter for GDR television has died.

The East German sports reporter legend Heinz Florian Oertel during reporting on the NDR radio program. The former sports reporter for GDR television has died.

Photo: Jens Büttner/dpa

The well-known voice of GDR sports journalism, Heinz Florian Oertel, has died. Among other things, he was known for his reports.

Berlin. Heinz Florian Oertel, the famous voice of the GDR sports television and radio has died. Oertel died on March 27 at the age of 95, his family confirmed to the German Press Agency on Wednesday. The message was first reported by “Bild”.

He was known for his reports, talk shows and entertainment programs that inspired but also polarized millions. With his death, the German television and radio landscape loses one legendary personality.

A legend: Heinz Florian Oertel is dead

He was present at all major sporting events where the GDR could hope for success, including 17 Olympic games and the 1974 World Cup, where East Germany qualified for the first time. In the legendary 1-0 win over eventual world champion Germany in Hamburg, he seemed pretty sober despite his other emotional comments.

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A particularly unforgettable event was his reportage at the Olympic Games in Moscow on August 1, 1980. There he euphorically described the marathon runner’s second Olympic victory Waldemar Cierpinski with the words: “Dear viewers at home, this is a unique triumph. Dear young fathers or aspiring fathers, have courage, call your newcomers today Waldemar. Waldemar is here!” It was an emotional moment that many viewers will never forget.

Oertel was an expert in various sports such as football, athletics, cycling, and boxing figure skating and with his extensive specialist and general knowledge, he was able to make his reports particularly lively and worth listening to.

Heinz Florian Oertel: GDR television darling

In his entire career he has won 17 times GDR TV darling elected more often than any other GDR celebrity. In his 50 years of work he traveled all continents and thus became a cosmopolitan of the small GDR. His trademarks were his voice, his style and his language. He always found the right words and was able to infect his audience with his enthusiasm.

In recent years, Oertel has rarely been seen in public. Before his 90th birthday he withdrew for health reasons after having previously done readings in East Germany held and was the author of several Olympia books. In his books he dealt critically with social issues – even in the days of the GDR.

After completing his doctorate in Leipzig in 1981, Oertel taught at various universities, even after reunification. In December 1989 he commented for the Südwestfunk a Bundesliga match between VfB Stuttgart and 1. FC Köln.

In addition, he was moderator He worked on various TV programs such as “Ein Kessel Buntes” and presented radio programs such as “He, he, he – Sport an der Spree”, “Schlager eines Große Stadt” and “Portrait by Telephone”. (ari/dpa)

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