Gen Zers snub alcohol, Biden pardons marijuana users, Delaware cuts fines and fees


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, Gen Zers are rejecting alcoholism, President Biden pardons imprisoned marijuana users, and new electric ferries replace the dirty diesel fleet in Stockholm.

Gen Zers are snubbing alcohol

A historic decline in youth drinking has been registered as Gen Zers associate alcohol usage with ‘anxiety’ and ‘abuse’.

Source: BBC

No one should be in jail just for using or possessing marijuana,’ says Biden

US President Joe Biden pardoned all people with federal convictions for marijuana possessions, urging state governors to do the same

Source: Deutsche Welle

Delaware ends abusive fines and fees that criminalize poverty

Thanks to the newly applied bill, Delaware gives poor people the chance to pay their debts without having to make sacrifices

Source: Forbes

Flying’ electric ferries to service Stockholm

Residents of the Swedish capital will now have the opportunity to travel the 14 islands of Stockholm using an electric ferry that is projected to be the world’s fastest electric passenger boat.

Source: positive news

American retailer REI to close all its stores on Black Friday for the foreseeable future

The company will pay its employees on Black Friday to spend time outdoors.

Source: CNN

Slur referring to Native American women to be removed from names of geographic sites

The racist and misogynist word “squaw” will be removed from federal use according to a decision made by the United States Department of Interior.

Source: Smithsonian Mag

The Inflation Reduction Act is more important than expected

According to the investment bank Credit Suisse the IRA will favor energy transition more than previously considered.

Source: TheAtlantic

A Montreal startup encourages buyers to pay a little more for bananas in order to increase workers’ wages

Equifruit designed an eye-catching marketing campaign to help get fairer wages for farmers and workers in Central and South America.

Source: Reasons to be cheerful

Reduce your carnivorous pet’s carbon footprint by feeding it insects!

You may have heard about companies that sell cricket flour and other insect-based foods for people — protein that’s much better for the planet. Their big challenge is overcoming the yuck factor. Who doesn’t have a yuck factor? Your dog.

Source: Fixed

Medicaid users in North Carolina to receive food boxes and even rent in pilot program

Since March, North Carolina Medicaid pays organizations to offer preventive non-medical health services to patients — things like food boxes and first month’s rent. Though logistical problems remain, it’s made a huge difference for many.

Source: North Carolina Health News

Research shows that good health practices ‘spread’ through a community

Good health practices and outcomes spread through communities and can even overcome family influences. This infographic summarizes the research.

Source: Yes Magazine

#27: Walking clubs for better mental health

After having dealt with anxieties for years, Scott Oughton-Johnson created a walking group for men with similar issues. Now more and more such groups are starting in the UK. In our new podcast episode, Scott tells us why the idea works so well and how it could develop in the future.

Source: Squirrel News

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