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The first test of the year was recently held at the Schäferhundeverein OG Zeil am Main. The performance judge Paul-Werner Koch from the regional group Hessen Süd judged twelve dog handlers and their dogs over two days. Berthold Dömling took over the examination management.

There were three tracking dog tests with a FH1, a FH2 and an IGP FH at the start. The FH1 includes 1200 steps, seven items, with a lay time of two hours. The FH2 includes 1800 steps, seven objects and a lay time of three hours. The IGP FH demands two FH2s from a dog on two consecutive days, with a temptation being part of every test level in the FH area.

Roberto Kamp with his “Kora vom Werraufer” achieved 94 out of 100 points. Heidrun Kaiser and her “Aimy vom Reidbachsgraben” sought 96 points on the first day and 90 points on the second day, resulting in a final score of 186 points. Günter Preis won the day with his “Ares von den Franken” with an outstanding 100 out of 100 points.

A further eight participants competed in the IGP test, which includes tracking, obedience and protection work. Torsten Lieber with “Sturm’s Erko” received 284 points in the IGP1. Axel Wagner with “Boris vom Balaktich” with 256 points, Detlef Weißbrod with Hero vom “Hagenauer Forst” with 268 points and Oleksandr Babenko with “Loza Hundehaus Sandgrube” with 286 points all reached their goal in the IGP2 test level.

Andreas Reich with “Debby von der Steinklamm” achieved 286 points, Ulrike Sinner with “Hanni von Peroh” 281 points, Alexandra Butscher with “Vito von Patalia” 277 points in the IGP 3. Franz-Josef Göller and “Fanny aus der Kunstschlosserei” received 3 96 points in the Schutzhund test. Mathias Gawlich passed the breeding facility test with “Eika-Klärchen vom Teufelsklan” with flying colours.

With a large number of participants, for example from the Allgäu, from Saxony and friendly local groups, the test was once again a complete success.

The local group Zeil am Main would like to thank the judge Paul-Werner Koch for the fair assessments and the entertaining get-together and is looking forward to their visitors again at the upcoming events.

By: Gudrun Greß (Secretary, Association for German Shepherd Dogs local group Zeil am Main)


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