Germany to legalize recreational cannabis, robotic falcon protecting birds, Miami Beach bans hairstyle discrimination

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In today’s editions of Squirrel News, Germany lifts ban on recreational cannabis, robotic falcons help prevent bird strikes, and Miami Beach fights hairstyle discrimination.

Germany to legalize cannabis use and limited possession for adults

Germany aims to make the possession and use of Cannabis legal by 2024. Adults will be able to buy and grow the plant in limited quantities and possess no more than 30g for personal use.

Source: BBC

Airports use robotic falcon to save birds

Bird strikes, when an airplane collides with an avian, cause almost $1.4 billion a year through maintenance and delays. Now a flying robot, shaped like a falcon keeps runways clear.

Source: CNN

Drones circling over Snowdonia could bring life-saving mobile signal to remote areas

A prototype craft that will fly over network telecoms starts trials with north Wales mountain rescue services next year.

Source: The Guardian

Same-sex marriage is now legal in all of Mexico’s 32 states

Lawmakers in Tamaulipas have voted to lift restrictions on same-sex marriage, making it the final state limiting such unions.

Source: PBS

Miami Beach bans employers, landlords and public officials from discriminating hairstyles

Individuals with textured and curly hair can no longer be denied jobs or housing opportunities due to their hair, the Miami Beach City Commission has voted.

Source: NBC

Conservationists use audio recordings to protect and study the Amazon rainforest

Researchers in the Amazon rainforest record hours of audio to help study the natural sounds of the area. This audio can be used to track hard-to-see animals and help conservationists understand changes in wildlife populations.

Source: Monga Bay

Children who spend time near natural or man-made water sources do better in life

A study of child development over 18 countries found that access to a “blue space” aka a water source often leads to a greater sense of well-being in adulthood.

Source: Treehugger

MIT develops AI that uses breathing pattern to detect Parkinson’s

A new AI device developed by MIT engineers can detect Parkinson’s disease by monitoring a patient’s breathing patterns.

Source: ZME Science

This free hotline is helping rural residents in Iowa during a mental health crisis

When 911 dispatchers receive calls about agitated or despondent people there often are only two answers: hospital or jail. A crisis response team is fixing this issue by providing people with mental disorders with a hotline where they can get follow-up care.

Source: yes!

Liberia develops program to foster reconciliation between victims and perpetrators

The West African nation of Liberia is sponsoring a program to allow victims and perpetrators of war crimes to reconcile and speak about their experiences. The goal is to rehabilitate ex-soldiers who committed “lesser in gravity” offenses.

Source: The New Humanitarian

Delhi-based brothers run scavenger bird rehabilitation center

Scavenger birds are an important element of trash disposal in Delhi, yet most inhabitants see them as pests. Two brothers aim to educate the public and rescue the avians in a city-wide programme.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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