Gerson, from Flamengo, publishes a text in support of Vinicius Junior: ‘Don’t shut up’

Volante do Rubro-Negro defended his teammate from the Brazilian team after a wave of racist attacks in Spain

May 23
– 10:47 am

(updated at 10:55 am)

After Flamengo as a club, other players showed support for Vinicius Júnior, Ninho’s offspring, after a wave of racist attacks in Spain. This time, Gerson, starting midfielder for Jorge Sampaoli’s team, published a text in defense of the Brazilian national team striker. According to the Joker, he cannot let criminals bring him down.

Gerson was emphatic in stating that Vinicius Júnior’s success is bothering him and that he cannot give up on his dreams, even if this attracts attacks. It should be noted that, this Tuesday, the National Police of Spain identified three Valencia fans who were arrested for racist conduct at the Mestalla Stadium.


“What they want is to diminish the achievements, accomplishments and who we have become. They got used to doing this years and years, but now we have our representatives at high levels. Not the amount they deserve, but we are the few who make noise. And we will continue like this.

Black is uncomfortable when it is in the highest place. What they want is for us to be eternal debtors of favors. May we accept the handouts that have always been given to us and may we say amen.

Don’t shut up, Vini Jr. Don’t let racists bring you down. Today you have the possibility of changing the lives of many black people who cannot and are afraid to take the attitude you are taking.

Hashtags, banners and texts on social networks do not change anyone’s life and do not even put racists in their rightful place: in jail. As long as those who decide the lives of black people are not people like us, we will continue to live the farce that the world evolved on racism and discrimination”, wrote Gerson, on social networks.

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