Ghana abolishes death penalty, Pakistan’s flood-proof homes, repurposing disused coal mines

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re talking about a historic move made by the Ghanaian parliament to completely abolish capital punishment, the bamboo homes helping to rebuild a flood-ravaged Pakistan, and how an abandoned Texas coal mine has found a new lease of life as a garden providing fresh food in an area where grocery stores are scarce.

Ghanaian parliament votes in favour of abolishing death penalty

In a historic move, Ghana’s parliament voted on Tuesday to completely abolish the death penalty, positioning the country among a growing number of African nations that have chosen to repeal capital punishment in recent times.

Source: Reuters

“This will not be swept away”: the bamboo homes helping Pakistan’s post-flood rebuild

A year on from devastating floods, a renowned architect is leading a project to build affordable and sustainable homes while empowering communities in the process.

Source: The Guardian

Haptic suits enable deaf individuals to experience live music through touch

This cutting-edge suit boasts 20 actuators embedded in a form-fitting vest resembling a hiking backpack, alongside additional actuators strapped to each wrist and ankle – letting the deaf community “hear” live music through the sense of touch.

Source: NPR

Dutch inventors’ bubble barrier combats ocean plastic pollution

Searching for effective methods to prevent plastic from entering our oceans, Dutch inventors have devised a remarkable solution – a revolutionary “net” created from bubbles that extracts plastic from rivers.

Source: BBC News

Ugandan conservationists think outside the box to preserve endangered wildlife

Thanks to the dedication of conservationists and the establishment of wildlife sanctuaries, recent years have witnessed a resurgence of the animal population – giving Uganda’s unique and rare species a chance to reclaim their place in the natural landscape.

Source: Euronews

Vietnam’s rice farmers opt for high-tech solutions in the face of water scarcity

Thanks to a network of sensors and water pumps that connect farmers directly to their fields, the new approach empowers Vietnamese rice farmers to anticipate a low-water future and work towards sustainable agriculture practices.

Source: Mongabay

Groundbreaking factory to convert CO2 into eco-friendly jet fuel unveiled

Startup Twelve commenced the construction of a commercial-scale facility in Washington state, and is set to become the nation’s first-ever plant dedicated to producing eco-friendly aviation fuel from CO2.

Source: Canary Media

Cities get creative and revamp urban design to tackle extreme heat

Embracing innovative strategies, city planners from Phoenix to Abu Dhabi are proactively implementing novel measures to combat extreme heat and safeguard their residents.

Source: Fast Company

The fan jacket: the Japanese innovation keeping workers cool in extreme heat

As rising temperatures make traditionally hot and sticky Japanese summer months more severe, those toiling outside are turning to the fan-jakketo.

Source: The Guardian

Former Texas coal mine flourishes into a food haven, nourishing thousands

Although the mine’s restoration is an ongoing process, the impact of the small one-acre garden is significant: since its inaugural harvest in 2022, the garden has produced 10,000 pounds of fresh produce, which has been distributed among six food pantries.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

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